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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NEW YEAR, NEW HOPE ♥ 回到原点,重新出发

New year, new hope..
A very good start for 2013..
In 2012, can say that I was in a nightmare as I have lost my direction a little bit to wrong path..
My SGM activities less than last time I used to be..
I was very active and miss the moment I played with those junior division member..
The leaders and Young Woman Division leaders often encourage me like I'm their daughter :)
It was so memorable and I was growing up time to time to be more mature in thinking..

But.. I was a little bit materialistic while I started working..
Might be influenced by colleagues or in a better word is ENVIRONMENT..
Actually it's my internal problem, if my heart is not like this, how the environment affects me, I will never been affected right?
So I cannot deny anyone and have to do my own human revolution which I already stopped this in 2012..

I shouldn't talk so much about my bad in the past, I should take more actions to prove it..
Must have proof to myself that I can have strong faith beside my career! 
I need to clear my target every day from now onwards! 
I believe that my career will definitely get good results in this year if I do not stop chanting, taking actions and studying Sensei's books.. In Chinese so-called 信行学..

Clear my target, Be brave, Never give up!
I'm sure I have a brighten future if I never stop Soka activities~

Will continue update my blog from now to release stress and to remind my goals! ^____^

Back to the starting point, start off again. 回到原点,重新出发。

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